Thursday, March 22, 2012

Skidmutro Creative Donates to Pumptrack!

Skidmutro  has made a generous donation to the Philadelphia Pumptrack! Owners Travis and Sierra Skidmore have been long time advocates in the Philly cycling scene and they have once again stepped up to create a better world for cyclist!

Here is a big fat logo of theirs!

 "We felt inspired by the Philadelphia PumpTrack vision and wanted to get involved to help see that vision become a reality," says Travis Skidmore. Skidmutro sees Philadelphia PumpTrack as an amazing opportunity to create a special place for kids to gain skills, exercise and participate in something that offers an alternative activity to organized team sports."

If you find yourself needing some design work give Travis a Sierra a shout. 

Thanks Skidmutro!

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