Friday, April 6, 2012

Closing the final budget gap! Donate through Chip-In.

This is for real folks! I've been getting some feedback from people who have heard that the Pumptrack isn't a sure thing! Maybe that's out fault , and we needed to have done a better job of letting the world know that this is for real. 

As we get closer to ground breaking for the Philadelphia Pumptrack the time has come to close the gap on the financial needs. We project that the first phase of the Pumptrack will cost approximately $26,000 and we are currently at almost $16,000. In order to finish this phase and make the track immediately usable and safe for the public we need to raise enough to construct the fencing, plant erosion-control ground cover, purchase drainage hardware and buy a cistern for water capture. 

The fencing has been beautifully designed by Wells Appel to incorporate inexpensive, functional and flexible materials. We have decided to go with slabs of stone and boulders. We are planning to buy what the city cannot dig up. We will gladly take donations of any materials that help shrink our budget and fit the needs. 

Anyone who wants to receive a tax deduction receipt for their donation above $500 should go directly through the Bicycle Coalition Of Greater Philadelphia. We ask that you specify the Philly Pumptrack as the recipient of your donation. 

Check out the preliminary designs from Wells Appel, a picture of the dirt and some building materials. If you or someone you know might be interested in donating in-kind resources please let us know!!

Rest assured. The pumptrack is happening. As a matter of fact, the city dropped off 5 five tri-axles of fill for the track's base this week. We are finalizing the designs with Landscape Architects Wells Appel. 

We got dirt!!!

You might even be interested in knowing that we are going to build two pumptracks in the space. One will be a simpler figure 8 track for beginners and novices to get their legs under them and the other larger one will be more challenging, allowing riders to experiment with more line choices and challenge themselves! This way the track will stay dynamic and cater to riders of all levels!

These Karney Stones are what we are most likely going to use as a majority of the fencing. It will keep out ATVs, provide sitting areas and be movable in the future if we change the track around. 

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