Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Domino Sugar Factory Pumptrack in Brooklyn

Check out Jim Dellavalle's handywork at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn. Soon to be complete. Coming Soon to Philly!

Still working on the City of Philadelphia. Trying our best to work the bureaucratic magic. 



    Check this out!

    We ask New York City Council and President Barack Obama to consider our alternate plan to be presented by SAVEDOMINO.ORG on August 2nd 2013. This is an action to preserve the current DOMINO SUGAR REFINERY from further destruction and to allow our voices to be heard.

    SAVE DOMINO is about preserving the future of America and to protect historical structures that identify who we are. This starts by looking at the adverse effects of overdevelopment in cities today. Our main focus is to uphold the heritage and architecture of the entire Domino Sugar Refinery and the outlining communities of Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick.

    Be a part of history as we aim to redesign one of the most iconic American industrial structures online with your support. Let's reuse and readapt to bring art, culture, science, and green collar jobs to create means for a more verdant future, not more condo's and cookie cutter retail.

    Domino affects you, more than you know. Did you know the DOMINO SUGAR REFINERY is an eleven acre site sitting on 5 city blocks in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn? Did you also know it’s slated for demolition in July 2013 and will be a 15-year construction project?

    A better plan exists and it starts with you, because we all want the same,

    To pay reasonable rent and/or property taxes for housing

    To demand infrastructure over anymore development

    To have better low income housing alternatives

    To eliminate air & noise pollution affecting our health

    To demand safe asbestos removal of our buildings in our community

    To demand more innovative & sustainable green guidelines in new construction

    Prevent culture deprivation and mono culture destroying diversity

    Protect middle class innovators

    Protect air rights of the existing community

    To seek truth in real estate planning

    To have more green space and protect our natural environment

    Let your voice be heard!

  2. Commercial property you may be responsible for managing asbestos