Sunday, September 29, 2013

Long awaited Update

We finally received sign-off on the design of the track. The city legal and risk departments are now reviewing the track. The builder was required to obtain Workers Comp insurance. He has done that and the certificate has been sent to legal. We wait...  If you have driven or ridden by the track recently you know it looks like a forest. Tom Witmer from PPR was out to review. We wait for PPR to remove the brush so we can get down to the clean fill that was dumped for us to use. We are hoping to dig this Fall, pending legal department sign-off.  We are in NEED of anyone interested who has SOME project management experience with a flexible schedule who can assist in the prep/build phases. Once the site is cleared we need to arrange for a gravel pad to be laid so we can bring the donated Trailer to the site for tool storage. It is a 50' Trailer currently sitting at the Navy Yard. We are working with Holt Logistics on the donation. Once the trailer is in place Jim D. can begin to build. If you would like to volunteer in the project management phase please call 267-262-1691.
Thanks and fingers crossed for a FALL BUILD.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO BROWN'S SHOP RITE at Parkside and 52nd for arranging a $10,000 donation from Monster Drinks. Monster will donate to the ShopRite Foundation who in turn will donate to the BCGP to help pay for the natural fencing.


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