Sunday, October 27, 2013


We have finally "seen" the holy grail. The required Donated Services Agreement that the City of Philadelphia requires to DIG on the pumptrack site. It needs the signature of the Commish but it could possibly happen this week. We hope our builder, Jim Dellavalle will be bringing machinery on site soon. You may have noticed the Americorps volunteers that have been on site to clear the herbacious overgrowth on the soil the city dumped last year. MANY THANKS TO THEM!!!

We've also added 3 KEY volunteers to the project management phase. 1) Mark Clark, new to the area from Portland Oregon 2) Andreina Perez, also new to the area most recently from North Carolina, and Philly's own Kevin Clark, now service manager at the Fairmount Bike Shop. Stop by and see him there!

We will be posting volunteer days here so stay tuned. We NEED to plant before the end of November to have any shot at the plants surviving. We realize that the holidays are upon us shortly, but this could be our BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT ever to the kids and families in West Philly and all of the cyclists in Philly interested in riding/training/building skills.