Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lots of Updates on the Facebook Page

Just because we haven't posted up doesn't mean there isn't work going on. If you are keeping up with us on Facebook you have seen the youth track finished and the adult track ALMOST finished. The fencing is up and looking great and we are still ON for the Grand Opening on May 10th. Saturday May 10th is the start of Love Your Park Week. The volunteer opportunities will be happening from 9am-12pm. Volunteer duties for that day include planting the trees and rain gardens and trash clean-up. The Mayor, dignitaries, and sponsors will speak from 12-1p. We will BEGIN the PumpJam with riding, music, food, fun at 1pm on May 10th. Hope to see everyone who has worked so hard and others who haven't checked us out yet!   We will post more details in the next few weeks.

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