Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February 8, 2017

On Saturday, February 4, 2017, the Friends of Philly Pumptrack held a well-publicized open public meeting in Philadelphia to discuss the direction of the friends group. Topics covered included a recap of the 2016 season, finances, fundraising opportunities, the opening date for 2017, future projects on the track and on the nearby Crossbow Trail.

A suggestion was made to formalize the Board of Directors and elect a President and 2 Vice Presidents, as well as establish several committees to better utilize the skills of the volunteer board. Board membership was voluntary with the stipulation that the Board Members were required to assist in staffing the Philly Pumptrack 2 days per month through the open season (May – October) and participate in at least 2 committees.

These suggestions were brought to a vote and were unanimously passed by the attendees of the meeting.

We are pleased to present the Board of Directors for 2017:
  • Heidi Grunwald, PhD (President & Co-founder)
  • Candice Eberhart (Vice President)
  • Curtis Bowman (Vice President)
  • Chris McLeer
  • Kenn Rymdeko (Co-founder)
  • Kirk Fromm
  • Michael Kasama
  • Mia Mengucci
  • Nick Saputo
  • Stephen Hawkins
  • Ray Louder (Nominated in absentia)

The following committees were established by vote, but the Board of Directors are open to other possible committee suggestions. To participate in a committee, Board membership is not required. The committees unanimously created are as follows:

·         Social Media & Outreach Committee: Focused on communication and outreach to the constituents and users of the park.
o    Mike Kasama – Committee Chair
o    Kirk Fromm – Co-Chair
o    Curtis Bowman
o    Chris McLeer
o    Stephen Hawkins

·         Maintenance Committee (aka Trailwork): Focused on volunteer days, track maintenance and upkeep of the facility.
o    Chris McLeer - Committee Chair
o    Kenn Rymdeko – Co-Chair
o    Dan Mercer
o    Nick Saputo
o    Curtis Bowman

·         Environmental Committee: Focused on ensuring the track makes every reasonable effort possible to minimize environmental impact of the surrounding area, including flora and fauna impact.
o    Mia Mengucci - Committee Chair
o    Stephen Hawkins – Co-Chair

·         Events Committee: Focused on organizing and hosting events for a superior guest experience. All members of the Board of Directors are expected to participate in this committee.
o    Nick Saputo – Committee Chair
o    Candice Eberhart – Co-Chair
o    Mike Kasama

·         Fundraising Committee: Dedicated to raising funds for operating expenses of the park and events.
o    Heidi Grunwald - Committee Chair
o    Candice Eberhart
o    Curtis Bowman

·         Steering Committee: Designed to be comprised of cross-sector community and industry partners representative of the relevant network that provides strategic direction for the Philly Pumptrack and champions its facility and volunteer work. The Board will be revitalizing the Steering committee in the near future. 

More information about the Board of Directors and the Committees will be made public on the website ( and through the Facebook page (

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at the Philly Pumptrack:

To donate directly to the Philly Pumptrack:

The community thanks those that have volunteered to be part of the Board of Directors for 2017!



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