Beginning in 2019, the Philly Pumptrack has some significant additions and improvements planned. Our mission is to continue supporting the greater Philadelphia cycling community by maintaining our existing infrastructure, and also introducing new opportunities and challenges to allow riders to grow their skills and embrace biking as a healthy activity.

Dirt Jumps

Our major initiative for 2019 is the addition of a dirt jump line. The jump line will add greater opportunities for skilled riders and make the Pumptrack a more desirable destination for riders who are looking for bigger jumps.

This is obviously a lot of work and will require several key changes, all of which will require extra manpower and budget. Changes include:

  1. Moving our fence 30 feet further out, towards Parkside Avenue. This will significantly grow the size of the park and put the front fence in line with the fence around the tennis court next door. The red lines show where the new fence line will be.
  2. Building the jump line. The jump line will form an L-shape, using the existing drop-in for the Advanced track. The first dirt jumps will be next to the first straightaway on the Advanced track, then lead into a berm and more jumps next to the front fence. The jump line is shown in green.
  3. The existing drop-in for the advanced track will be expanded and re-worked to accommodate the new jump line.
  4. We may create a connector at the end of the jump line to allow riders to loop into the Advanced track. This is currently optional and the feasibility of this is to be determined.

Pumptrack Improvements

We’re also planning some changes to the Advanced track that will make it more fun to ride for everyone. We’ll be re-working some of the berms to make them faster for skilled riders, and also easier for beginners. Additionally, rain has been on ongoing struggle and we’ll refocus our efforts on improving the track’s drainage so it can be ridden sooner after inclement weather.


These improvements are extensive and will incur significant costs. In addition to our ongoing fundraising efforts, we’re graciously supported by a $4,000 donation from People For Bikes. A lot of this work will be performed by our team of dedicated volunteers, but there are still additional expenses we need to cover.

(Download the full press release here)

We always appreciate donations of any amount. The Philly Pumptrack has been officially designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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