In 2019, the Philly Pumptrack saw significant additions and improvements, in the form of a brand new jump line and supporting infrastructure.

Dirt Jumps

The biggest change for 2019 was the addition of a dirt jump line. The jump line adds greater opportunities for skilled riders and makes the Pumptrack a more desirable destination for riders who are looking for bigger jumps.

This was obviously a lot of work and required several key changes, all of which will require extra manpower and budget to build and maintain. Changes included:

  1. Moving the fence 30 feet further out, towards Parkside Avenue. This significantly grew the size of the park and put the front fence in line with the fence around the tennis court next door. The diagram below shows the pumptrack prior to the expansion, with the new fence line marked in red.
  2. Building the jump line. The jump line forms a U-shape, using a new drop-in built near the park’s entrance. Riders can choose from one of two different jump lines, and hone their skills on a smaller, shorter set of tabletop jumps between the advanced track and the new jumps.


These improvements are extensive and incurred significant costs. In addition to our ongoing fundraising efforts, we’re graciously supported by a $4,000 donation from People For Bikes.

(Download the full press release here)

We always appreciate donations of any amount. The Philly Pumptrack has been officially designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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