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It is easiest to contact us via the page as we monitor that site and respond quickly.

If you would like to reach one of the board members you can start by reaching out to us at or fill out the form at right.

If you would like to reach someone by phone you can contact founders Heidi Grunwald at 267-262-1691 or Kenn Rymdeko at 610-659-4430.

    Pumptrack Board Members

    Board Officers

    Heidi Grunwald (Chair)
    Kenn Rymdeko (Vice Chair)
    Curtis Bowman (Secretary)
    Chris Chism (Treasurer)

    Board Members

    Chris Patrick
    Ray Louder
    Michael Makoto Kasama
    Brittany Kasama
    Chris Berkley
    Brett Downs
    Monique Pare
    Chris Schrader
    Derrick Howie
    Nielle Yo
    Kenneth Ashcom