Twisted Gingers Beer Collab & Pump Jam

Brewing (June)
Pumpjam (June)
Philly Pumptrack
Parkside Ave N.
(by the Parkside Playground)
Philadelphia, PA 19131

Do you love to ride bikes and consider yourself a beerologist? A libationist? Beer devotee? Wort guru? Beer maven? Hophead?

Philly Pumptrack is excited to announce a small batch beer collaboration with Twisted Gingers Brewing of Manayunk, PA. There will be two phases to this 2022 collaboration.

Phase 1

The first part is a fundraising period where we will raffle off the opportunity to help make the beer. Anyone who donates $25 between March 15th to May 1st will be entered to win, and we will randomly select two winners. Each winner will participate in the brewing process in two May sessions lasting 3-5 hours each. The first session will be the mash and the boil, and the second session will be the canning and labeling roughly 15 days later. The brewing may occur on a weekday, so be prepared to take the day off!

Twisted Gingers is planning a Philly Pumptrack-themed session IPA with custom can graphics.

This opportunity is for someone who:

  1. Loves beer (taste or chemistry)
  2. Wants to learn about how the beer is actually brewed
  3. Can participate in the canning, labelling day
  4. Be willing to get dirty (think Dirty Jobs by Mike Rowe) – raw ingredients, no good clothing and boots
  5. Will walk away with a 4-pack of the custom brew
  6. Want to help share the experience on social media – someone’s gotta snap some pics!

Phase 2

The second phase of this fundraising collaboration will occur in June. We will hold a Jump jam and beer reveal at the Philly Pumptrack. The exact date is still TBD but will occur on a Saturday. All are welcome to attend, and beer tastings/4 packs will be available for those who are 21+ (ID required to drink).

We are super excited about this opportunity to collaborate with Mark and his team at Twisted Gingers – we hope you all are as well!