The newly merged Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department (PPR) has teamed up with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (BCGP), Advanced Sports Inc, Neighborhood Bike Works, and the bicycle shops of Philadelphia to launch the Philly Pumptrack project; the city’s first ever, public pumptrack.

Pumptracks are one of the fastest-growing attractions in biking, are small in scale and can be enjoyed by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. A pumptrack is fun and teaches riders essential riding skills while building fitness, all in a low-risk environment. A pumptrack in Philadelphia will provide a place where young and old can ride bikes in safe numbers and in mixed-age groups. The Philadelphia Pumptrack will be a venue where riding and spectating can be a community affair.

Friday, April 11, 2014

We need you! An army of volunteers and kids are making this happen!

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This week we made a lot of progress: the rain water collection system is full of rain water, the beginner track is looking and riding great, and we are about 40 - 45% finished shaping the main track.

And that means we may need to get people riding to find the areas that need adjustment.

We will be shaping, tamping and a number of miscellaneous projects. Novices and kids are always welcome. We also have 9 bikes on site for loan (onsite only), thanks to a generous donation from SE Bikes. Our friends at Fuji Bikes gave a generous donation of 20 more helmets this week as well!

As always, we will have snacks, beverages, gloves, tools, etc. But feel free to bring yours if you prefer.

We will be out working on both Saturday and Sunday starting at 10:00 AM, and stay until about 4, and taking riding breaks throughout the day.

Heavy rain will cancel the workday. If you have any questions, please call Kenn at 610.659.4430.

Stop by if you are available for 30 minutes or all day. The pumptrack is located at 53rd and Parkside Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131 (just North of the tennis courts) -

Hope you can join us Saturday (or Sunday).

Thank you for your continued support!

Kenn, Harlan, and Heidi

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Philly Pumptrack Amazing Dig-Ride Day

Today was the most amazing day of my life. The coolest day that has revolved around cycling in the past 20 years.  We had a volunteer day at the Philly Pumptrack and nearly 30 people attended. Almost a dozen children. We moved tons of dirt. We moved tons of rock. We rode our bikes on the beginner track and met new friends. Henry, around 6 or 7 learned how to ride the track today! All this was great, but not what brings me to tears reliving it to you now. Around lunch, Heidi made a stop at the basketball courts and met a few kids on bikes and told them about the pumptrack and they followed her over! Two of the boys, Kevin and Aaron stuck around a while, rode, did some digging, rode some more, and then headed off home. I stayed late to water down dirt after everyone left, and as I was about to leave, Aaron was riding up with a friend. So I waved him into the park. And then there were 2 more friends behind him. And then 3 more. A total of 9 neighborhood kids came out to see the track! Some with, and some without bikes. I explained that they couldn't ride without helmets, but no one had one. I said we have some here, and bikes too (thank you SE Bikes). The kids were confused until I explained this was a city park, and these were not mine but "ours". The first thing they were worried about was someone stealing "our bikes". I explained stewardship. I explained having respect for communal property. I explained our "no helmet, no ride - No dig, no ride" policy. It clicked instantly with Basir and Aaron. Then someone dropped a wrapper from one of the snacks they were eating. "Whose going to pick that up?" Said one young guy next to the offender.  He said "I'm not picking up his trash". Who will?  I don't remember if it was Basir or Aaron - but one of them said "I will" ran over and picked up the wrapper and put it in the recycle bin. I stayed around for nearly an hour longer than intended with these guys. They helped police the track for trash, packed up all the bikes, lysol'd and put the helmets back in place and helped me close the gates. One of the bikes got knocked over during the clean up and another kid snapped, "Hey! Don't scratch our bikes!" As I was ready to leave, they asked when they could come back. How about tomorrow at ten? We will dig, then ride, then clean up, then ride. How's that sound? Every one of them said they would be back tomorrow. I don't know how many of those little guys will be back. But I do know that the last 4 years we spent getting Philly Pumptrack built was 100% worth it. If only for today. I will never forget this amazing day, or these kids. Thank you everyone who has helped the Philly Pumptrack made a difference in the kids lives in this photo. You helped make this possible.
Kenn Rymdeko

Friday, March 21, 2014

Pumptrack Workday Tomorrow, Saturday 22, 2014

The weather forecast for Saturday is 64 and sunny! Finally!!!!

Please be sure to wear heavy boots or shoes, and dress in layers to prepare for inclement weather. We will have tools, snacks, beverages and gloves for attendees. If you have your own, please feel free to bring them along.

Rain and excessive cold will cancel this workday, and cancellation announcements will be made on our facebook site ( and on our web page ( the morning of the workday.

As always, we will have snacks, beverages, gloves, tools, etc. The beginner line is ready for test riding, so bring your bike and helmet to help ride and dial it in.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Friends of the Philly Pumptrack,

We received notice from the Fairmount Park Conservancy, and we are excited to announce that the Philly Pumptrack has been awarded a $5,000 grant! 

This award from the Fairmount Park Conservancy’s Physical Improvement Regrant Program will be used towards materials supporting the rain gardens, fencing, landscaping and signage.

In the acknowledgement letter, the FPC says that they are thrilled to support our program.  We are elated to have so many of you interested in helping to get Philadelphia’s first public Pumptrack built!

Thank you Fairmount Park Conservancy for the grant and your support.

PS. Please be sure to mark your calendar on May 10th, 2014 to attend the Grand Opening of the Philly Pumptrack. 

Heidi, Harlan and Kenn
Friends of the Philly Pumptrack

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wow- Thanks to the 30+ Volunteers Who Came Out to Build Today

Thanks to everyone who came out today. We made serious headway sifting, building drains, and sculpting the beginner track. Special thanks to Poje, Chris, John and 'Boon who came out from Jersey to build the beginner track. We owe you guys a frosty few. Kudos to Shannon and Chris, local Parkside Community guys who joined us and our two youngest builders. Next workday is Saturday, Nov 30 10am-1pm. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanks to the Parkside Community, Brown's ShopRite, Monster Juices and Ms. Lucinda

This toast is for you! 

After three years, this project is happening. Harlan, Kenn and I could not be more thankful for all parties involved in making this project a reality. THIS IS MY PERSONAL TOAST to all of the parties old and new to the project. Thanks is all I can say! Monster and Brown's ShopRite donated $10,000 tonight and I'm holding the check. Ms. Lucinda and the Parkside Community have been so welcoming. There are a lot of unforeseen expenses on this build so thanks... from the bottom of our hearts! We are putting kids and families on bikes and that's all that matters.